Rebekka has been a part of the worship ministry since she was a teenager. She supported the local church in Mödling with her singing and piano skills.

She always tried to find new ways when it came to arrangement and organization of the worship as a part of the Sunday service to fill in the whole church.


Melisa loves singing and playing various instruments. Besides that, she loves working with kids, which is why she is going to become a primary school teacher.

She has been a part of the worship ministry with singing, playing the piano, arranging songs and kids projects since she was a teenager.


Together they are head of the worship team of the church in Mödling, Austria since 2016.


In 2015 they started the bandproject „BEKKSMELON“ where they also played a couple of their own songs. They will take some of their worship songs to the retreat which tell the story of how God revealed himself to them and their story with him.