We work together with other organizations:

Österreichische Evangelische Allianz

We are a member of the Austrian Evangelical Alliance and are a part of their intercultural workgroup 

Arbeitsgruppe Interkulturell (AGIK)


Through the Alliance we are in a Network with AGIK Switzerland and AMIN German

We are also part of the worldwide Network Refugee Highway Partnership. 


Hilfe die ankommt

We work in a close cooperation with "Hilfe die ankommt" (help that arrives). 

More information: www.hilfedieankommt.at


Innsbruck - Stadt der Hoffnung

In 2010, the Association "Innsbruck–City of Hope" was founded. Its goal is to reach people on the fringes of society. More Information: www.stadtderhoffnung.at



One of the Austrian Bibel Association's goals is to provide foreigners in Austria with the Bible in their mother tongue. More Information: www.bibelgesellschaft.at